Building on its extensive experience in the gaming industry and constantly adaptating to the increasingly demanding players, Casino Technology offers multiplayer products of new generation featuring elegant shape and a variety of gaming options.

Casino Technology’s multiplayer systems range includes more and different concepts: fully automated electronic roulettes, semi-automated systems for electronic placement of bets, as well as grand-piano roulette stations.


The innovative concept implemented in the development and design of these products provides the following advantages to casino operators:

  • Multiple betting options and high player appeal
  • Continuous high-speed play and longer player time
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased reliability and management control
  • Flexibility and functionality in utilizing casino space
  • Efficient operators serviceability






    Through its patented convergence platform Server Games Technology™ (SGT), Casino Technology offers a unique solution combining the live game of roulette with the opportunity of remotely placed bets.

    The newly designed CASINO PRINCE™ terminals are coupled with the new CASINO PRINCESS™ mobile tablet terminals, allowing for an unlimited number of betting terminals and mobile devices to play simultaneously on one or many roulette wheels.


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  • PlayMe



    Automatic Roulette multiplayer station

    The patented PLAYME™ multiplayer roulette station includes betting terminals and an automatic roulette wheel integrated in the lid of a grand piano- a combination that allows casino visitors to enjoy live music performances while playing roulette. 


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More information about Casino Technology LEGACY multiplayer products released between 2006 and 2010.

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