• Server Based Gaming (SBG)

    Server Based Gaming (SBG)

    Server Based Gaming (SBG) recently became an important technology  for many European and International gaming markets. Casino Technology Server Based Solution (CT SBS) provides high security and flexibility and allows casino operators to design and deliver customized players' experience.  In addition CT SBS can offer:
    -Multi-channel gaming, allowing players to enjoy games on other platforms including mobile and handheld devices
    -Linked gaming content and  support for wide area bonus features.


    See recently released SERVER BASED GAMES.




  • Remote Game Server (RGS)

    Remote Game Server (RGS)

    Remote Game Server concept wasdeveloped to enable casino operators to offer on line games and game content from Casino Technology by simple integration with their existing iGaming platform. The Remote Game Server requires one-time integration via an industry standard web  API.  Selected games from our current land based game library are now available on line. New game releases will be available through Casino Technology central  Remote Game Server. Utilizing CT RGS,  on line operators can offer and capitalize on the best game content and games available from Casino Technology.

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  • LAP/WAP Progressive / Mystery JP

    LAP/WAP Progressive / Mystery JP

    Casino Technology Jackpot Controller (JPN) provide flexibility to connect wide range of slot machines to Local Progressive or Mystery jackpot, using industry standard SAS protocol. Read more
    Casino Technology Enterprise Jackpot Solution (EJS)
    creates multi level mystery, standalone and linked progressive jackpots on SAS enabled  games.  Advanced features and  reporting allow centralized control and deliver efficient real-time monitoring.
    Wide area progressive and mystery jackpot upgrade is available to link slot machines installed in different locations into a central  Wide Area Progressive (WAP)  or Mystery Jackpot.
    See recently released LAP/WAP games.
    As additional service, Casino Technology offer design of custom Jackpot signs and displays.