Multigames are a centerpiece of Casino Technology's product portfolio. As a result of in-depth analysis of the preferences and demands of operators and customers at Bulgarian and international markets, Casino Technology provides optimal combinations of games that meet the requirements of a wide range of players.

Depending on the needs of different markets, we offer multigame packages from 5 to 40 games. The company has developed a number of successful multigame concepts with proven success, including the hit series of GAMOPOLIS. Its versions - GAMOPOLIS HIGHWAY are among the products with the highest rating and constant demand in numerous locations worldwide.

The strong leverage of the versions of GAMOPOLIS™ HIGHWAY and MULTISKIN series, reasonably has led the roadmap of the newest SPEEDWAY™ containing a volume of unique game titles with enhanced game play speed by 30% and logically reflecting to the customer's satisfaction. GAMOPOLIS™ SPEEDWAY offerings include 4 unique versions starting from 70, each featuring 40 compelling games embedded with new system library and improved command reaction.


In the HOT MULTIGAMES section we have listed our selected top performing games at international casino floors for the past 12 months. For all our clients who are still using our early releases (1999-2009) we have dedicated the LEGACY section.

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