Casino Technology delivers world class game content through the tailor made platforms built for performance, security and reliability. Bright engineering meets art in a refined package compliant with the industry standards and ready to serve the global markets.

ARMSTRONG is the latest gaming platform released by Casino Technology in 2016. The state of art software is combined with efficient resource utilization using “green” technology, powerful graphic engine, parallel control of 4 displays, secure boot option, compact design and small footprint. ARMSTRONGis adopted in GAMOPOLIS™ SPEEDWAY and GAMOPOLIS™ ARCH series driven by the new trendy search of the operators for higher in-game interaction, accelerated gaming emotions and increase of slot machines efficiency per unit of time spent on device. ARMSTRONGalso features embedded functionality of a slot machine interface board and cutting-edge player tracking module employed by the RHINO™ casino management system, a part of the revolutionary multichannel solution THE BIG FIVE suite.

TOUGH FIGHTER™ – features the latest Intel's Sandy Bridge silicon to provide the best CPU and graphics performance ever. TOUGH FIGHTER™ drives High Definition graphics on up to 4 monitors to add even more astonishing features in new titles. Fully compatible with TOUGH RIDER™.
TOUGH RIDER™ – has been the powerful and reliable vehicle delivering a series of successful games since its introduction in 2006. Smart integration options positioned it on the update path of a range of mature cabinets and its abilities propelled it to many of the best casino floors worldwide. TOUGH RIDER™ continues to prove itself as a valuable asset with titles spanning huge game library.
CTIV™ constantly evolves and today is more powerful than ever. Recent firmware and hardware upgrade provided memory expansion to host a whole new set of 25 titles bundled in single multigame package.

Casino Technology's SOFTWARE PLATFORM supports SAS 6.02 protocol and has been tested with the major casino management systems.