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ARCH™ TITAN combines 42” horizontally curved full HD main monitor and 42” vertically curved top box with precisely calculated viewing angle.

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TOWER™ Slant Top

TOWER™ Slant Top has 43” vertically curved monitor with 4K resolution and low footprint. The Combo option allows simultaneous play of online game.

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EZ MODULO™ 27/27

EZ MODULO™ has two 27’ Full HD monitors and extra-large players deck as well as optional 15” iDeck with convenient game selector. Its modular design allows easy conversion.

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EZ MODULO™ 32/32

The next version of the successful EZ MODULO slot machine is with two 32” monitors and an attraction video topper. The new series is offered with modular Video Signage for easy customization for different floors.  

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Тhe ARCH™ slot machine features revolutionary vision through the horizontally curved 42" main monitor and full HD gaming content - the multigame GAMOPOLIS ™ ARCH.

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T3™ Slant Top

T3 Slant Top stands out with three 24” HD monitors and combo option with additional screen for simultaneous play of online or secondary game.

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Answering to players' ever-growing demand of entertainment options, Casino Technology launched an innovative “3-in-1” system, dramatically expanding the game choice and variety in just a single device. The new TRINITY™ solution multi-player multi-game provides an exciting mix of 3 of the most beloved gaming types – video slots, table games,…

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